©Elizabeth Valleau
17. September 2020

You can't have innovation without humility.

Elizabeth Valleau is not only interested in advancing technology, but in unlocking its unifying potential. At the ADC Creativity Summit, the Global Creative Lead for Augmented Reality at Facebook/Instagram will talk about "how AR can serve and inspire in an uncertain world". We asked Elizabeth about her attitude towards tech and talent.

Your creations have earned you the trust of some of the biggest brands and media outlets worldwide. What is your strongest working attitude?

A combination of humility and unquenchable curiosity helps creatives crack big ideas and solve problems in a new way. You can’t have innovation without humility.

Creativity is often treated as a gift. Do you believe in creative talent?

The most delicious part of my work is getting to enjoy the nuanced, surprising and sometimes rarefied brilliance of people smarter than me. My leadership philosophy is based on coaxing someone’s unique gift into its fullest expression, and also providing nourishing environments and partnerships to help it thrive. It’s an honour and wildly energising.


Tech can be the glue that keeps us together in times of trouble.


Do your personal beliefs influence your creativity? And if yes, in what way?

At the highest level, I believe the purpose of life is to make the world a better place. There are so many ways to do it, from tiny moments of pleasure to solutions that help solve big problems. I’m happy to have been able to make some things that come from that impetus – from helping people run faster with Nike, to helping write and design the Global Goals with the United Nations. Another highlight has been creating tools to encourage people for more body positivity by using Facebook Groups with Dove.

As Global Creative Lead at Facebook/Instagram – How can technology change the world to the better?

We are already seeing how tech can be the glue that keeps us together in times of trouble. My team in particular is working hard to launch new products and services that will help businesses stay open by switching to mobile models. We’re also investing in tools that will keep people safe and informed during difficult times. There is a long way to go, but changing the world for the better is our brief every day.


Elizabeth Valleau wird am 24. September beim ADC Creativity Summit im Rahmen der DMEXCO @home auftreten. Das vollständige Line-Up und alle Infos zu den ermäßigten ADC Tickets findet ihr hier.