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14. März 2022

Die gesammelte Wahrheit

Russlands Angriff auf die Ukraine ist auch ein Krieg der Informationen. ADC Mitglied und CEO von Achtung! Mirko Kaminski unterstützt deshalb das Projekt „We are Ukraine“ mehrerer ukrainischer Agenturen, das auf einer Website nicht nur Fakten zur Lage in der Ukraine sammelt, sondern gleich visuell für Social Media aufbereitet. Das Statement der Initiator*innen im Wortlaut.

Save lives by spreading truth about the Russian war against Ukraine 

By deliberately targeting its missile strikes towards the residential areas since day 1 of the war, Russia does not only want to take Ukraine’s freedom and destroy its democracy. It denies the Ukrainians‘ right to exist. Ukrainians want to live, and live peacefully. And not just now, always.  

Since Russia has built the pretext of its invasion of Ukraine on a foundation of misinterpreting historical facts and obsessive lies, One Philosophy consulting group and IT-company Empat supported by volunteers created ‘We are Ukraine’ – a repository of truthful information, facts, examples of the Ukrainian resilience, and opinions of Ukrainian and democratic world leaders about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

As Ukraine is a sovereign peace-loving nation that has committed the “crime” of wishing to be with the free and democratic world, make no mistake: the outcome of Russia’s war against Ukraine will shape the future of humankind. 

If tyranny and brutal aggression are allowed to win, everyone will suffer the consequences. It’s no time to feel sorry for Ukraine.  It’s time to stand with Ukraine.

The repository of the truth about the war and strength of Ukraine has been launched in Ukraine. It brings together key facts about the Russian-Ukrainian war, the world’s support of Ukraine, opinions of the Ukrainian and world leaders, insights into Ukrainian resilience, economy, culture, history, and calls to action with links to various verified sources. It is a tool to receive and disseminate facts on social networks with your colleagues and clients from other countries. You can download relevant materials and use them in your statements or publications on media. Also, follow our tips on how to support Ukraine if you are a business or a citizen.

Website | Instagram

The project is in English, and we encourage you to share the facts and images on social networks with audiences across the world. It’s your way to stand with Ukraine in its fight for freedom and help ensure peace in the 21st century.


We are Ukraine. We choose to be. Today and always.





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