25. April 2022

Ukrainian Creative Stories 2022: Ein Festival als Hilferuf

Der Krieg in der Ukraine hat auch Auswirkungen auf das größte Treffen der ukrainischen Kreativbranche: Organisiert durch die All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition VRK und SAR Marketing Communication Association werden die „Ukrainian Creative Stories“ zur Plattform, um ukrainische Agenturen der internationalen Community vorzustellen und durch einen Fund zu unterstützen. Der Art Directors Club for Europe unterstützt das Projekt. Hier erklären die Initiatoren, worum es geht.

Today there is a war in Ukraine. Ukraine is heroically defending itself. Of course, each of Ukrainians personally and Ukrainian businesses support heroes, those who defend Ukraine with weapons in their hands from the aggressor’s troops. Many people today need support and financial help.

It is also important not to lose yourself, thinking about the future after Ukrainian victory. Therefore, the Ukrainian President and Government call on businesses, where it is possible, to continue to work and fulfill their obligations to employees. „Paying people’s salaries – even if the company does not work now – that is to protect Ukraine“, said the President.

With the start of the war, the work of the Ukrainian advertising market almost stopped. Agencies were instantly left without means of subsistence. At the same time, many employees of the agencies are at the forefront, directly in the combat zones with weapons, are engaged in volunteer activities, or on the barricades of informational war, which is no less important part of Ukrainian struggle.

Unfortunately, the reserves of Ukrainian agencies are not infinite, many companies are already on the verge of disappearance and dismissal of their employees.

The biggest associations in the advertising and communications market in Ukraine and Poland, All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition VRK and SAR Marketing Communication Association, have joined their efforts to support the Ukrainian advertising industry, as part of the www.adaid.eu project and they have initiated a new format of Ukrainian Creative Stories that allows them to attract the attention of international advertising communities to support Ukraine.

Projects goals:

The project will be presented by a shortened contest program, namely the Positive Change block within the framework of the 23rd Kyiv International Advertising Festival. The Positive Change block, where projects are awarded for the creativity of socially significant communications, will consist of categories of social advertising and a special category #StandWithUkraine.

The important part of UCS will be a united presentation of all Ukrainian agencies to the international advertising community that will be presented to the world together with the contest winners’ announcement.

Participation for Ukrainian works is free of charge and for international agencies is for a fee. The fund to support the Ukrainian advertising industry will be formed based on payment for participation in the contest program by international agencies. The fund may also receive financial support from advertising associations, media, festivals, etc., which can express solidarity with Ukrainian colleagues. Make a donation now via link.

In peacetime, to APPLY for the Kyiv International Advertising Festival meant to compete and win. And now, when the war rages, it means to SUPPORT Ukraine’s creative industry.

The entry submission will last until May 20 on the website creative-stories.com.ua.

The project is supported by Nova Poshta Positive Changes partner. It is especially gratifying to note that this is support from a Ukrainian company that has always been a model of high ethical principles in business and numerous social activities.

Join the festival. Let’s support the Ukrainian advertising industry together!

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