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The idea – a gaming app for Europe

The European project is repeatedly being put to the test: prejudice, scepticism and distrust are jeopardising the dream of freedom and free movement across an entire continent. In collaboration with Germany’s Foreign Office, the ADC has developed a virtual reality game for download in the form of an app. The game is an innovative and entertaining way to highlight Europe’s strengths: diversity, peace and cohesion.

„Pathways – Europe at Your Fingertips“ takes players on an incredible journey across the continent. Wonderful pictures, diverse characters and exciting adventures combine major European themes with very personal insights into the world of European citizens.

Have you been bitten by the travel bug? Then get started: „Pathways“ is now available.

Experience Europe!

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The concept – a virtual journey

A single currency, free movement and free trade: for many, Europe is a world without borders. But some people still question the European idea. To overcome the walls in their heads, „Pathways“ is relying on a groundbreaking concept: players step out of the analogue world onto a virtual paper map. From here, they can get an overview of the continent and become involved in various storylines. They follow the characters Lucas, Andreas, Frieda, Magdalena and Yanko, accompanying them on a journey across the continent and experiencing the hitherto abstract everyday lives of different Europeans within their own four walls.

They encounter important European topics such as freedom of travel, migration and the Erasmus programme, experience the continent’s turbulent history, and learn about many aspects of its geography, society, culture and politics from completely new perspectives. A European adventure!

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The implementation – an animated augmented reality environment and XR technology

Zdrasti, Hola, Salut and Ciao – over the one-year duration of the project, the ADC developed a serious game, which leads players on a gripping, virtual tour of Europe through a combination of gaming elements, digital learning and emotional discovery. Right from the start, the basic idea was to convey the essence of Europe in an easy and innovative way: diversity without borders.

And how does it work exactly?

In addition to the latest XR technology and intuitive controls via the smartphone camera, thanks to the professionally designed, animated augmented reality environment the free-to-play app becomes a truly immersive gaming experience. You couldn’t fit (much) more Europe inside it.

Our partner events

Beyond the duration of the project, the ADC is also planning measures to promote and expand the gaming app in order to strengthen European cohesion in the long term. We are planning events and workshops with our project partners and collaborators all over Europe. We’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest news here!


Together, we can do more. The „Pathways – Europe at Your Fingertips“ project is funded by Germany’s Foreign Office and carried out under the direction of Art Directors Club GmbH.

Special thanks go to all those involved, partners and supporters: Artificial Rome, Heike Hagen, Imke Jungnitsch, BLUT and many more.

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