©Frank de Ruwe
1. September 2020

„Always try to think one step ahead.“

For Frank de Ruwe, every challenge is worth a try. This is how he managed to turn his agency Natwerk into one of the biggest names in Dutch advertising. At the ADC Creativity Summit he will appeal to creatives around the globe to create work that is "not normal". Here is a quick glimpse into his mindset.

Your creativity seems to know no limits. You even jumped through a burning tire in a Fiat 500 once. Do you need the thrill to get creative?

I like thrills, it makes me super aware of the stuff I’m doing. But I don’t need the thrill to get creative. I think absorbing in general is a good way to stimulate your creativity.

Marketing is political. Right?

Damn right. It’s like chess, always try to think one step ahead.

Which attitude has helped you the most in your career?

Just do it and learn from the results.

How do you manage that your creativity is also reflected in the final results of your work?

By having my own PR agent. It’s always about reaching people. Go hard on the earned media part.


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